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Affordable & High-Quality iPhones for Sale – Buy Refurbished, Second Hand iPhones With Mobile Guru

Get your dream iPhone at a cost you can afford. Looking to buy an iPhone but find it way too expensive? You can now buy refurbished iPhones that work as good as new ones from Mobile Guru, the leading and licensed second-hand iPhone seller in Australia. We sell the latest models of iPhone, including the Apple iPhone 12 series and iPhone 11. Check out the new and in-demand models of Apple phones at our website. We offer same-day dispatch.

Worried about the quality, performance, and warranty while buying a used iPhone or a refurbished mobile? Buy certified refurbished iPhone with confidence from Mobile Guru – we offer up to 24 months warranty on iPhones. Every iPhone that we sell is thoroughly checked for physical damage and performance. We perform diagnostic software checks to make sure that you get a high-performing used iPhone. The refurbished mobiles that we sell are as good as new with zero performance or lagging issues.

Why Choose Mobile Guru to Buy Used iPhones?

Mobile Guru is one of the top sellers of used consumer electronics and is the best place to buy a refurbished iPhone in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania, and Gold Coast. Buy your next device with us and upgrade to a new model with the latest technologies. We have become Australia’s leading seller of pre-owned iPhones due to the following reasons:

Best offers:

We scour the market and get the latest phone at fair prices. This helps us offer you new-like phones at unbeatable prices. Every time you buy a mobile from us, you make a huge saving, while getting a great quality used iPhone.

Wide range:

Our website is constantly updated with the wide range of Apple products and second-hand iPhones for sale. You can buy a used or iPhone / refurbished iPhone of the newest models, which come pre-loaded with great features. You can explore our wide range of iPhones and other Apple devices and accessories from our website.


We offer 6 to 24 months of warranty on the iPhone that we sell through our website. You get complete peace of mind and a high-performing product every time you buy a mobile from Mobile Guru.

100% Australian-owned:

We are a 100% Australian-owned Company. You support local businesses and help boost the local economy when you buy a mobile phone from us.

Locally sourced:

All our products are locally sourced. This is our way to contribute to the growth of the local economy. This also helps us ensure that we buy from genuine sellers, and you get great and clean products, be it an iPhone, an iPad, or Apple accessories such as screen protectors, cases, and many more.

Fast shipping:

We offer same-day or next business day shipping for all reconditioned iPhones. All our phones are usually delivered before the specified delivery date, else you will be notified of any unexpected delay in delivery. We also share tracking numbers and details with you once the order is dispatched which help you keep track of the delivery.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions that buyers have about used and refurbished iPhones:

Apple iPhone 13 series is the bestselling smartphone series in 2022 that has captured 1/3rd revenue in the first quarter of 2022. All the phones of the series like iPhone 13 Pro Max and Apple iPhone 13 Pro have found favour with the buyers. Other Apple phones like iPhone 12 are also popular among our buyers.
There are several benefits of buying a used Apple iPhone. You save money buying a used mobile. You can upgrade and enjoy all the latest features without paying the full price. You get a high-performing iOS device, known for its ease of access and its user-friendly features. It is also better to buy a used iPhone instead of spending money on the costly repairs of an old and obsolete phone, which is like throwing good money after bad.
There are various places you can buy an old iPhone, from physical stores, service centres, private sales, and online e-commerce sites. Buying from a private sale or a local shop is fraught with risks and there is no guarantee of performance. When you buy a second-hand iPhone from Mobile Guru, one of Australia’s top used iPhone sellers, you get up to 24 months warranty and 14 days return facility.
Apple products are known for their quality, high performance and are a style statement. Buying a used iPhone helps you get an Apple product at a much lower cost than the original list price. You get the ease of use and a sense of familiarity with iOS, and it is compatible with other Apple products, like your Mac. Old does not mean obsolete, many a time users sell sparsely used or only a few months old iPhones because they upgrade to a newer model. This helps you get a newer model without breaking the bank with all the latest features.
The price of an affordable refurbished iPhone depends on the model and the condition of the used mobile. While the buyer wants to buy for a minimum, the seller wants to get the maximum amount. At Mobile Guru, we work tirelessly to give the best price to the seller and a fair price to the buyer. We test, clean, and refurbish iPhones and offer a warranty to the buyer before selling. You can check out the latest used iPhones on our website and check out their prices.
There is a huge market and demand for used iPhones. You should ensure that the used iPhone that you are buying is not stolen, not locked, and has a reliable battery. While newer models are water-resistant, older models can have water damage. It is best to buy from a reliable and authorised reseller of used iPhones like Mobile Guru that ensures the optimum performance of every used iPhone before selling and that offers a warranty on the same.
Mobile Guru sells all the top and latest models of iPhone. The phones are sold according to availability. Every used or refurbished iPhone that we sell is physically checked for any damage. Our team also performs a software diagnostic check on the used iPhone to ensure there are no performance issues. We sell the entire range of the latest iPhone models such as Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple iPhone 13, Apple iPhone 12 Pro, Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, and Apple iPhone 12.
You should never buy a used iPhone with an activation lock as this will be deemed the phone useless. The activation lock of a used iPhone cannot be deactivated without access to the Apple account of the previous owner. The iPhone with an activation lock may also be a stolen or lost phone. Always buy from a reputed online seller of used iPhone that offers iPhone without an activation lock that is in ready-to-use condition.
You should not buy a locked or blacklisted iPhone, even if it is offered at a cheap price to you. A locked iPhone cannot be unlocked without the login credentials of the Apple account of the previous owner. It is not the Apple Company but the carriers that put an iPhone on the blacklist, if it has been reported as lost or stolen, or if the owner has not cleared the bill. All reputed online sellers ensure that the used iPhone or refurbished iPhone that they sell is not locked or part of the blacklist.
Yes. With Mobile Guru, you get the widest range of Apple products. Apart from the Apple refurbished iPhone, you can also buy iPads and Apple accessories like chargers, data cables, screen guards, USB cables, and back cover cases. All products are subject to availability. Do check the status, price, and shipping time before placing your order.

Have any queries regarding any used iPhone or refurbished iPhone listed on our website? Looking for a specific model or need any assistance? Call us on 1300 362 017 or mail us at to get in touch with our service team, who will assist you.

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